Wichita State University’s School of Art, Design and Creative Industries is an academic hub for contemporary art, innovative design, fresh thinking and creative risk-taking at Wichita State University. ADCI operates Clayton Staples Gallery and SHIFTSPACE.


Common Humanity is a non-profit organization based in New York City that seeks to build understanding, respect and friendship with the Arab and Muslim world. Director and Founder Mel Lehman travels extensively in the Middle East and previously worked for two decades at the National Council of Churches on international humanitarian issues.


People of Faith for Peace (PFP) is a small group of clergy and lay leaders in Wichita that has been meeting since February 2003, when it first gathered to voice concern and opposition to armed conflict in Iraq. The group explains that their actions “stem from a deep commitment to be faithful to God and to humanity.” PFP has sponsored events with an educational focus, such as speakers and panel discussions and writing curriculum for conflict resolution. They have hosted interfaith prayer events, peace poetry readings, concerts, a play, “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy,” and an annual peace picnic in Riverside Park on Memorial Day. Rev. Lois Harder, co-paster of Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church in Wichita, coordinates the group.


Islamic Society of Wichita (ISW) works to promote Islam and the welfare of the present and future Muslims in the greater Wichita area by providing support in all aspects of life according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. ISW’s vision is to be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization for future generations.


Wichita Study Circle discusses community issues and problems with the aim to find proper solutions. Members research environmentalism for the benefit of communities; advise and help local leaders, institutions and organizations on important community affairs; provide knowledge, skill, and information to its members by giving presentations and arranging seminars, workshops and discussion sessions. Wichita Study Circle publishes research materials in papers, news channels or social media for the benefit of the community and the Study Circle members.


Global Faith in Action (GFIA) is an interfaith/intrafaith “dialogue in action” emerging organization. We contend that religious “dialogue in action” is the bridge to the transformation of families, communities and our world. Today we live in a “global village.” Wichita, Kansas, home of Global Faith In Action, is one of the most diverse communities in the Midwest. People from all over the globe bring cross-cultural and religious practices to Wichita. Temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches dot our landscape. The same phenomenon has occurred throughout much of our world.


The Peace Committee of Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church is tasked with planning events and promoting activities that help us work for peace with justice in our community, our city and our world.


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